Thursday, November 30, 2017

Custom Foot Orthotics

Dr. Nicholas Stamoulos of East Arlington Chiropractic promotes a multifaceted approach to chiropractic wellness. Custom foot orthotics are just one option that can benefit our patients. Orthotics can be a great solution for patients experiencing discomfort or imbalance while walking. The customized support they provide can help correct issues related to walking and alignment. Custom foot orthotics fit into a pair of shoes like inserts you can find in a pharmacy but are prescribed by a chiropractor to target a patient’s specific needs.
When worn consistently, they often help realign bones in the foot and ankle. This can take pressure off of other problem areas like the back, neck, shoulders, and hips. When a chiropractor prescribes custom orthotics, a foot computerized scan impression is taken from the patient. This impression allows a custom product to be made for the patient’s particular needs.  Customization is important since most people’s foot imbalance is not symmetrical - any off the shelf correction would be symmetrical and will not provide proper correction. Orthotics are made to be worn on a daily basis during almost any activity, and one pair typically lasts several years.
Custom foot orthotics are just one of many ways to care for your chiropractic health. To learn more about custom foot orthotics and all the services provided by Dr. Nicholas Stamoulos of East Arlington Chiropractic, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment at the practice in Arlington, MA, call 781-641-4482